Other Information

Commercial shipping and military life raft

Introducing our most popular life raft ever. Manufactured to the highest quality standards and stowed in a variety of containers designed to suit most deck spaces, the Surviva is fully SOLAS and MSA compliant.


  • Manufactured from coated textile corrosion and abrasion resistant rubber for durability
  • Fully enclosed, double skinned high visibility canopy complete with retro reflective tape
  • Non-inflatable, easy access boarding ramp
  • High volume water pockets for maximum stability when inflated
  • Canopy fitted with LED light for maximum visibility
  • Fully insulated floor for maximum thermal protection
  • Stowed in lightweight, streamlined GRP containers that require minimum deck space
  • Available in davit launch or throw over versions.


  • Surviva life rafts can be stowed in multiple configurations
  • Available in various stowage height options.

Emergency packs

  • Surviva life rafts are available with 'A' and 'B' emergency pack configurations.